5 Reasons to Not Send Image-Only Emails

5 Reasons to Not Send Image-Only Emails

It can be very, very tempting to create that email as one big image so there’s no chance it will have funky characters, or the spacing will be off, or the graphics pixelated. Seems like the solution to your email marketing problems, right?

Think again.

Even though creating the email as one big image might seem like that right first step, it actually introduces a host of other issues that could result in an even worse user experience for your recipients.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why sending an email that’s just an image can hurt your email marketing…

  1. It’s likely your email will trigger spam filters.
    Spammers are notorious for using images to hide the text of their email – if it’s in an image, most email clients won’t be able to read the spammy message about a far-off prince who desperately needs you to wire him money immediately. To make up for this blind spot, many spam filters will reject image-only emails.
  2. Many email clients will not display your email images.
    You don’t want people to have to go through an extra step to see your message (e.g. click to ‘download images’ in Outlook). If the image is blocked, the entire email will appear to be blank and the recipient is more likely to ignore it, unsubscribe, or mark the message as spam.
  3. There is no preview text for an image-only email.
    Every inch of inbox real estate is valuable, including the brief line of preview text often shown in inboxes. Granted, you could use just one line of text in order to fill that need, but then you would still be left with the other four points outlined in this article.
  4. Images in your email may be slow to load.
    Depending on the end user’s internet connection and browser speed, it may take a while for the email to load. The longer it takes to load, the more likely they are to click away from the email, send it to the junk folder, or unsubscribe.
  5. The recipient of your email will not be able to search their inbox for keywords in that email.
    Do you want recipients to be able to find your email when they want to? Of course! There may come a time when an email recipient wants to reference an email you sent them a while back which has now been lost in their busy inbox. Give them the option to search for that email by using text for most of your content.

For any email, a good rule of thumb is to use a ratio of 60% images, 40% text.

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